Inject new connotation into China's foreign discourse system

Mon May 30 2022 School of Marxism, Beijing Institute of Technology

In one hundred "the central committee of the communist party of China about the party's major achievement and historical experience for the resolution of (hereinafter referred to as the" decision "), the communist party of China and the Chinese people to heroic tenacious struggle issued four solemnly declared to the world: Chinese people have stood up from now on, Michael Jackson, the Chinese nation suffered bullying times gone, China's development has opened a new era. The Chinese people are not only good at destroying the old world, but also good at building a new one. Only socialism can save China and only socialism can develop China. The path of socialism with Chinese characteristics is the right path to guide China's development and prosperity. China has made great strides to catch up with The Times. The Chinese nation has achieved a remarkable transformation: it has stood up, grown rich, and become strong.

This is not only a condensed version of the century-old "China story", but also an infusion of new content into the construction of China's foreign discourse system in the new era. The evolution of China's foreign discourse system under the leadership of the CPC is rooted not only in Traditional Chinese culture and values, but also in the practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and in China's consistent basic principles of foreign policy. Through the dual construction of inheritance and innovation, China's current foreign discourse system has been formed, which has laid a solid foundation for the right to speak in international governance and contributed development plans with Chinese characteristics to the world. In the face of the global development trend, China's foreign discourse system in the new era should be more confident and confident.

In one hundred, passing on

The theme is consistent with the original mission of seeking happiness for the people and rejuvenation for the nation. Edgar Snow, an American journalist who introduced Chinese Communists to the world, defined them as "committed to the happiness of the majority of the people and the transformation of China and the world through socialism." Snow was the first of a group of American journalists stationed in China before the war to revisit the country after the founding of the People's Republic of China. Compared with the visits of French philosophers Jean-Paul Sartre and Jean-Pierre de Beauvoir and jean-Pierre De Beauvoir in 1955 and former French Prime Minister Jean-Francois Frans in 1958, when the first Five-Year Plan was completed and the country was in high spirits, their direct impression was that "this great country is constantly changing". Snow, who had dealt with the Communist Party of China in the Yan 'an period, was able to objectively observe the changes of the Communist party of China after the founding of new China. Snow's answer is yes whether the Chinese Communists still adhere to their original aspiration in the Yan 'an cave dwelling. He made historical predictions such as "the food shortage is not the end of the revolution", "the foundation of modern civilization is being laid", "Sino-US relations will coexist in cooperation and competition" and "The Great Chinese nation will reach its peak in time and space". We sincerely invite the world to witness China's new journey in the new era.

Facing the second Centenary Goal and the Chinese Dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, China's foreign discourse system and practice under the leadership of the CPC undertakes the important mission of disseminating China's practice from a global perspective, expounding China's propositions from a global perspective, and presenting China's thoughts from a global perspective. The inheritance and innovation of China's foreign discourse system seeks dialogue points for mutual learning among civilizations from the trend of human development, answers questions and difficulties from the changing world pattern, and draws cultural resources for external expression from the history of China's development. The construction of China's foreign discourse system, in order to promote the development of human society, has profoundly revealed the contribution of Chinese wisdom to the world, and enabled the Chinese path of modernization and the new form of human civilization to show more powerful and persuasive force in the world.

Inject new connotation into China's foreign discourse system